NBA Power Rankings

  1. Warriors(-) They’re going to be 1 all year, get used to it
  2. Raptors(-) “Injured” Kawhi seems to be fitting in just fine in the North
  3. Celtics(+1)  MVP Kyrie is back… Watch out NBA
  4. Bucks(-1)  Flaming hot start, but haven’t proven themselves vs the NBA’s elite
  5. Nuggets(-)  Really fun team to watch. Murray and Jokic are studs
  6. Trail Blazers(+1) The Dame and CJ show
  7. Pelicans(+1) AD is the only thing keeping them top 10.
  8. Pacers(+2) Oladipo can play, he’s going to be an All Star
  9. Jazz(-3) Donovan Mitchell.
  10. Spurs(-) The Derozan-Pop duo is legit
  11. Rockets(+10) After a brutal 1-5 start, they have gone on a 3 game win streak
  12. Timberwolves(0) This past week, Derrick Rose is played BETTER than he did during his MVP 2011 season
  13. Pistons(-3)  Did they get the memo? Teams play small now
  14. 76ers(-1)  They need shooters or they can kiss their season goodbye.
  15. Grizzlies(-1)  Who woulda thought this sub-par team would be 6-4?
  16. Lakers(-1)  If things don’t change, Head Coach Luke Walton could be on his way out
  17. Thunder(-1) Westbrook needs to get his teammates more involved…he’s becoming a bigger and bigger problem
  18. Clippers(-1) They have dogs in the backcourt in Patrick Beverly and Avery Bradley
  19. Hornets(+1) Kemba Walker can play, but he needs some shooters around him
  20. Kings(-2) Young, Fast & Fun to watch
  21. Nets(+) Not much there
  22. Heat(-3) Good send off year for D-Wade?
  23. Mavericks(-1) They have very high-potential young stars
  24. Bulls(+1) Very young and athletic, but can’t seem to win consistently
  25. Knicks(-2) Looking promising and they are young. Let’s see where they stand in 2 years
  26. Magic(-) Mo Bamba the next Dwight Howard for the Magic?
  27. Hawks(-3) Vince Carter windmilling at 41 is going to be the highlight of their season
  28. Wizards(-) Can Beal and Wall figure it out this season?
  29. Suns(+1) Before the season they looked promising, now they look like the good old  Suns
  30. Cavs(-1) They’re missing Lebron in a bad bad way