NFL Power Rankings

  1. Saints(+2)  With the addition of Dez, the Saints offense is VERY scary
  2. Patriots(-)  Best coach- QB duo ever
  3. Rams(-2) The Rams just lost to the (better) Saints
  4. Chiefs(-) MVP Mahomes is balling, and so is the rest of the offense
  5. Chargers(-)  Philip Rivers is a HOF QB, and they have a top defense
  6. Panthers(-)  Cam can’t be stopped!
  7. Texans(+2)  Watson has 3 legit targets with the addition of Demaryius, and their Defense is balling; they have a solid chance this year
  8. Steelers(-1) Is James Conner THAT good, or is it the steelers O-line?
  9. Vikings(-1)  Defense has been looking good, can they keep performing come playoffs?
  10. Eagles(+3) Coming along slowly but surely… They’ll make the playoffs
  11. Ravens(-1)  Starting to lose some of that early season magic
  12. Redskins(-1)  Clinton-Dix was a great addition, and AP took a time machine back to 2012
  13. Packers(+1) The better 12? hahahahaha
  14. Bears(-2)  This defense is scary
  15. Cowboys(+2) Is Dak the future? I say NO!
  16. Seahawks(-1) Russell Wilson is back, but the rest of his team forgot to show up vs LAC last week
  17. Falcons(-1) Injuries took the Falcons playoff chances to the grave
  18. Broncos(+1)  In a dynamic offense league, the Broncos are the polar opposite
  19. Jaguars(+3) Who thought it was a good idea to let Blake Bortles start in the NFL?
  20. Dolphins(-2) Ya they started off red hot, but then they faced good teams
  21. Bengals(-1) AJ green is the heart of the team, and they need to rebuild around him
  22. Lions(-1) Oh, you thought because Matt Patricia was a coordinator under Belichick he was going to be a good coach?
  23. Buccaneers(-)  Can FitzMagic save their season?
  24. Browns(-) Total Dysfunction
  25. Titans(+1) They really made the Cowboys look silly
  26. Colts(-1) Andrew Luck isn’t that bad, but the rest of the team is
  27. Cardinals(+1)  Josh Rosen and DJ have been a major disappointment
  28. 49ers(+1) Injuries ended their season, but look for them to be a contender next year
  29. Jets(+1) With a few young players with potential, can they finally build a solid team?
  30. Giants(-3)  In proper Manning fashion, Eli’s sticking around a bit too long
  31. Bills(-)  Have they ever been good?
  32. Raiders(-) Can you say rebuild