MLB Power Rankings

1. Red Sox

119 total wins and only 3 total playoff losses proves the Red Sox were unbeatable

2. Astros

Very strong and dangerous lineup accompanied with great pitching made them a favorite to win the AL….we saw how that went

3. Dodgers

Pitching got torched by the Sox lineup in October

4. Yankees

Great lineup of bats, pitching killed them in the playoffs

5. Brewers

Christian Yelich will be the NL MVP

6. Braves

The baby Braves will be good for years to come (I’m looking at you Ozzie Albies and Ronald Acuna)

7. Rockies

Very balanced team – proving you do need multiple standout players to win in October (just Arenado won’t do it for you)

8. Cubs

Made the playoffs four consecutive years – not bad after 108 years of losing

9. Athletics

Seemed like a perfect Cinderella, but failed to perform when it mattered most

10. Indians

Failed to live up to expectations in a brutal October

11. Angels

Mike Trout is very very good

12. Diamondbacks

Letting JD Martinez walk will haunt them for years

13. Mariners

Didn’t play to potential this year

14. Rays

A+ managing and solid pitching were held up by the slow bats

15. Nationals

Max Scherzer is a superstar. Oh, and another year of the Nats not reaching their potential

16. Cardinals

Just a few pieces away from being a top 10 team

17. Phillies

Struggled in what many thought would be their break out year

18. Blue Jays

Vladmir Guerrero Jr will take the league by storm next year

19. Pirates

Stellar young infield, need help everywhere else

20. Mets

The “other” team from NY

21. Twins

Just eh

22. Rangers

Need to find a direction

23. Giants

NEED to resign Bumgarner and pick up some big bats in the offseason

24. Reds

Joey Votto

25. Tigers

Need to sign big name pitchers and outfielders, or fully rebuild

26. Marlins

Last year the basically gave away their superstar outfield in Stanton, Yelich and Osuna. They are where they deserve to be

27. Padres

You surprised they’re not 30?

28. Royals


29. White Sox

Check back in a few years

30 Orioles

One of the worst teams in the history of baseball