Top Landing Spots for a Potential Terry Rozier Trade

By Zach Goldman and Yagev Levi

As most of you know, the Boston Celtics are a very deep team. Even more so than typical deep teams as they have numerous potential starters coming off the bench. With that being said, I’d like to talk about one of the bench players that could potentially be traded: Terry Rozier.

It’s no secret that Rozier has talent. We saw what he was capable of in the Playoffs as he earned the name, “Scary Terry.” Rozier’s contract is up at the end of the season and many teams have already expressed interest in him. Some reports have also come out claiming that Terry’s unhappy with his playing time off the bench as he has had to transition from a starting role in the Playoffs to sixth man role off the bench.

My question to you is:

How much of Terry’s talent comes from the coaching genius of Brad Stevens?

If you ask me, I’d say a good portion of it. If the Celtics decided to trade Rozier, in any situation, we’d win the trade.

Here are some trade scenarios that I think could be interesting for the Celtics to explore.


The Suns are in dire need of a point guard to match alongside Devin Booker and Rozier could be the answer they’ve been looking for.

With an atrocious start to the season, Phoenix needs to do something to get their team some wins. If the rumors surrounding Terry’s desire for more minutes are true, Phoenix would be a great fit as he would mostly definitely start for the Suns.

In this trade scenario, Boston would be giving up Rozier for a first round pick and Jamaal Crawford. The Celtics could use a veteran guard coming off the bench who’s been around the block. Crawford, known for his handles and superb shooting ability, wouldn’t be a terrible addition to the BWA.


The Cleveland Cavaliers are one of the worst teams in the NBA right now. Lebron’s departure from The Land sent them right back to the Stone Age and they could use some youth alongside Colin Sexton.

Enter Cleveland native, Terry Rozier.

I know I said Terry won’t amount to anything without Brad Stevens but, hear me out. Terry has the potential to be a star in this league, and he’d be the second best player on the Cavs if he was traded. With Sexton next to him, Rozier can either be a spot up shooter or run the point. A young backcourt of Colin Sexton and Terry Rozier could potentially evolve into what John Wall and Bradley Beal were meant to be. At just 24 and 19 years old, the Cavs would be able to build around Rozier and Sexton for the future.

The Cavs need to do something big to gain ground in the East. Taking a risk on Terry might be the answer. To get Rozier, I honestly think they’d have to trade Larry Nance Jr. and Kyle Korver to the Celtics. Nance brings size and athleticism in a young, cheap package that Stevens could utilize efficiently with the second unit. Korver brings elite shooting off the bench and with his microwave ability, Stevens could use him for some quick points during dry stretches.


With multiple athletic wings, an above average big, and an up and coming young star in Mo Bamba, the Magic have an exciting team. That being said, they don’t have any exciting young guards other than Johnathon Simmons and could use a promising player like Terry Rozier. With Simmons and Rozier manning the backcourt, Orlando would finally have a solid guard duo alongside Gordon, Bamba, and Vucevic. That would round out a solid starting five that may very well be a playoff contender in the East.

If this trade were to happen, I think the Magic would have to give up Evan Fournier to make it worth-while for the Celtics. The Celtics love wing players, and I don’t think they’d be against gaining another solid wing player to come off the bench and add even more depth and scoring.

To sum up, The Celtics keeping Terry is the best idea. But, if we’re going to lose him in free agency anyway, why not get a worthwhile return instead of losing him for nothing. Terry is a really good, athletic player, but we won’t know how good he really is until he leaves Brad Stevens system. Take any of IT, Jae Crowder, or Evan Turner for example. They all played terrific for the Celtics, and then look how they’ve fared on other teams.

I have faith in Danny and Brad to make the right move, they always do.


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