Jimmy Butler to the Sixers May Help the Celtics Flip the Switch

By Yagev Levi


Yeah, that was also my first reaction when I opened my phone this afternoon to a Woj Bomb reading:

Screen Shot 2018-11-10 at 10.01.02 PM.png

Being the ardent Celtics fan I am, my first impulse was to throw my phone at the wall and explode in a ball of fire. Luckily, I didn’t do that. But, I was livid.

What now? I thought to myself. That’s it, we’re done. We aren’t making the Finals this year. To say the least, I was freaking out.


After about an hour of pacing my room, reading several more tweets by NBA analysts and writers, and researching time travel, I came to the realization, and potentially the ultimate takeaway from this blockbuster deal: this may actually be a good thing for the Celtics.

Straight up, a Big Three of Jimmy Butler, Ben Simmons, and Joel Embiid is scary. And I think that’s just what our Celtics need. Let’s be honest, this Celtics team hasn’t clicked yet. Getting behind early and trying to claw our way back in order to win games is not efficient or sustainable and honestly, our chemistry just isn’t there. Yet. As this season has started, I think all Celtics fans  have been patiently waiting for that moment. You know, that moment.

The one that really gets our guys pumped and sets a fire under their asses to hit the ground running and start dominating the league? Yeah that one, exactly.

We haven’t arrived at that moment up until now but I think today, when this Jimmy Butler trade went down, I think our young, hungry, gritty, Brad Stevens-coached squad just received a big wake-up call.

It’s time to start playing some good, Celtics, NBA Championship-caliber basketball.

The league isn’t waiting around for the Celtics to get their act together. Not a single person, team, exec, no one. While we’re sitting in Waltham, figuring out our problems, the other teams in the East are getting away. The Raptors sitting pretty at 11-1 atop the Eastern Conference and they have looked scary this year, regardless if Kawhi is playing or not. The Bucks are in the two spot with a record of 9-2 and Giannis has come out this year with fire in his eyes and despite it being just the beginning of the season, he is in MVP form already. Then there’s the Sixers and Pacers in the three and four spot. I’m not worried about Victor Oladipo, I’ll just leave it at that. But the Sixers, yeah, they just got Jimmy Butler. This is either going to end up in a disaster or, they’re really going to bring it to us.

So, yeah.

It’s time to get going, Boston. Let’s go win some games. Let’s go win the chip.

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