The End is Near in Foxborough

By Yagev Levi

The New England Patriots have dominated the NFL since 2001. In those 17 years, they have won the AFC East Division 15 times and made 8 Super Bowls while winning 5 of them. All this would not be possible without Tom Brady, the GOAT, as we witnessed him win 3 MVP Awards, 4 Super Bowl MVP Awards, and qualified for the Pro Bowl 13 times over that span. Many never thought the dynasty would collapse, but it truly seems the end is near.


Brady, 41, is entering his 18th year in the league and two weeks into the season, the Patriots are 1-1. Yes, it may be too early to decide New England’s fate but it doesn’t look as promising as the past couple seasons. In the Patriots’ Week 2, 31-20 loss to the Jaguars, where they played from behind the whole game and their defense looked terrible as ever, Brady was visibly frustrated and irritated with his team. We’ve seen many times in years past, most notably in 2014 after the Patriots were obliterated 41-14 in Week 2 of the 2014 NFL season, that the Patriots bounce back. That is most definitely a possibility, we could easily see Brady come out every week for the rest of the year and go on a complete tear and maybe even win the Super Bowl. But, Brady is 41 years old now. The chances of that happening are slim. Brady can talk about playing until he’s 45 all he wants, but I don’t think any Patriots fan wants to see his career flop like Peyton Manning’s.


In my opinion, Brady needs to retire after this year, regardless if he raises another Lombardi Trophy or not, Belichick needs to throw in the towel, Josh McDaniels needs to come to the helm, and a new chapter will begin in the Patriots franchise. After Belichick was forced to trade Jimmy Garoppolo last year, I can understand why people do want to see Brady continue playing because it seems that without him, the organization has no direction. That being said, I don’t think Brady should risk tainting his legacy even the slightest by ending his career on a low note. I don’t think Brady will have a terrible year this season and retiring after it will surely end his career on a high note and make him the unquestionable greatest NFL quarterback, if not player, of all time. There is no reason to drag out his career and risk ruining it just to contend while searching for the heir to the Patriots throne.

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