Remember when the Red Sox used to win in October?

by Matt Rooney

One. That’s the number of playoff games the Boston Red Sox have won since 2013.

Sitting at 92-42, the Boston Red Sox have had a historic 2018 season. They have an ace in Chris Sale, a five tool superstar in Mookie Betts, and an absolute masher in JD Martinez. The have a thriving, young manager in Alex Cora, a solid #2 who would be an ace on most teams in David Price, and one of the five best shortstops in the game in Xander Bogaerts.

As well as they have played, these 2018 Red Sox will not be the last team standing this year. Here are three reasons why…

  1. The Bullpen – This one is obvious. The Sox bullpen is absolutely terrible. I mean, who can you trust besides Craig Kimbrel? Can you even trust him? Since the all star break, Heath Hembree (5.11), Craig Kimbrel (5.11) and Matt Barnes (6.91) all have ERA’s over 5. These are 3 of the Red Sox’s top 4 relievers! That will not win you games in October. In fact, the will lose you games. This bullpen is a problem, and it will end up costing the Sox a playoff series.
  2. The Houston Astros – The Houston Astros are the best team in baseball. They have  the  best pitching and the best lineup. Jose Altuve, Carlos Correa, Justin Verlander — that’s as good as it gets. The Astros won it all last year, and there’s no reason to assume they won’t repeat again this season.
  3.  Playoff Bats – Only three Red Sox hitters were above average last postseason — Rafael Devers (.364 average, 2HR), Hanley Ramirez (.571 average), and Mitch Moreland (.385 average). Hanley Ramirez is no longer on the roster, so that leaves just two. Xander Bogaerts was 1-17 with 4Ks. JBJ hit .200 and struck out 40% of the time. Dustin Pedroia was 2-16 and made the final out of the 2017 season. Basically, it wasn’t pretty. Too many Red Sox hitters just fall asleep when the postseason rolls around. It happened in 2016 vs the Cleveland Indians, and in 2017 vs the Houston Astros. Why wouldn’t it happen again in 2018?

Prediction – The Red Sox beat the Yankees in the ALDS in 4, lose to the Houston Astros in 6 in the ALCS

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