Who takes the hill in Game two?

by Matt Rooney

Chris Sale is the best pitcher in all of baseball. Sale’s ERA is down to 1.97 and he has 219 strikeouts and only 33 walks so far. Even more impressive, he is 6-0 with a 0.20 ERA in his past seven starts and he has thrown 28 straight scoreless innings. He is pitching out of this world at the moment. Chris Sale will be taking the hill for the Red Sox in Game 1 at Fenway in the ALDS.

Unlike the Game 1 starter, there is an argument as to who will be starting for the BoSox in game two. Nathan Eovaldi has dazzled in two of his three starts with the Red Sox since they traded for him, Rick Porcello won a Cy Young with Boston just two years ago, and fan favorite (haha just kidding!) David Price has been solid this year after two disappointing seasons in Beantown.

Alex Cora needs to give Game 2 to David Price, and there are three reasons for this…

  1. David Price has been the second best starting pitcher for the Boston Red Sox this year. Price is 13-6 and a 3.69 ERA, owns a WAR of 3.1, and has been absolutely mowing down teams lately. Yes he’s historically been bad as a starter in the playoffs, but the media has to get off his ass and give him a chance. 
  1. David Price is soft, and if Cora gives the ball to Porcello, who knows the mental effect that would have on David Price.
  1. Last season, the best Red Sox pitcher in the playoffs was David Price, who threw 6.2 scoreless innings out of the bullpen vs. the Houston Astros. 

Price is a beast, and is clearly the second best pitcher on the Red Sox. Red Sox nation has to stop hating the man because his contract is so fat, and start admiring him because he is the key for the Red Sox making it to the World Series.

Make the right choice Cora, and choose Davey Tingle Fingers to start Game 2.

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