Why is Drew Pomeranz still pitching for the Red Sox?

by Matt Rooney

As Jared Carrabis once said, “If the Red Sox put Drew Pomeranz on a rocket ship to the sun, this team could really do something special this year”. All of Red Sox nation should agree with Jared on this one. 

After giving up three runs last night in his first high leverage situation out of the bullpen, Drew Pomeranz’s ERA has ballooned to an absurd 6.34. His WHIP is an alarming 1.83 and he has only 11 more strikeouts (46) than walks (35). The Red Sox are absolutely rolling right now and the only thing holding them back is Pomeranz (and maybe Raffy’s fielding at 3B).

“I wanted to see how he, in a close game, put him in a high-leverage situation with a few switch-hitters and a lefty there to see how he reacted,” Alex Cora said of Pomeranz. It’s fair to say he failed terribly. At least Pomeranz was honest about it, saying, ”I couldn’t finish anybody. I worked my way into bad counts and didn’t make pitches when I needed to, and that’s pretty much it.”

The Red Sox need to make a roster decision tomorrow (8/17) when Ian Kinsler is eligible to return from the DL, and it’s looking increasingly likely that Pomeranz will be the odd man out. He’s the worst Red Sox pitcher since the 2012 version of Daiskue Matsusaka and that’s really saying something. 

Here’s to hoping Alex Cora sends Pomeranz straight to the sun!

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